Devstack Open edX cms add langugae selector in header

could any one help me to Change Language in LMS and cms, i want two languages in lms and cms.
mainly for cms i need an help

i configure the language in lms header, i did the same way for cms but in cms its not showing.
could anyone help me to configure in cms the same language dropdown.

Could any one help me on this… please.

From what I can tell, Studio will automatically use whatever language your browser is configured to use. I don’t think there is a language switcher built into Studio, but if you set your browser to prefer some language like French and have that language enabled in Studio, you’ll see Studio in French.

I tested this on just now and I can see it changes language to whatever language I set in my browser. You can see this even without logging in. If you want a fast way to change languages, there are many browser extensions that will add a language switcher toolbar to your brwoser.

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