Devstack studio login being redirect

Hello dear i am installing a new openedx environment but have a problem with authentification in the studio.
If I log in it redirects me to this link ‘http://localhost:18000/register?next=http%3A%2F%2Flocalhost%3A18010%2F

Hello @Himanshu_Mandaliya and welcome to the community!

As I understand this issue, it should redirect to the LMS login page but it is redirecting to the register page.

Can you please provide more details like,

  • Open edX version
  • Installation method (devstack/native/tutor)

And also check your logs, maybe you will find some insight from there.

Hey @jramnai ,
Please tell me how to check the version in Devstack as I have installed Devstack as well.
I want to access the studio domain because that will allow me to showcase this LMS tool and learn more about LMS…

Is it free to use openedx?

@Himanshu_Mandaliya Yes OpenedX is free. many users currently work using Tutor beacse it is very simple to install. here is install tutor docs you can use and follow it. tutor releases docs

* git clone
* cd devstack and make dev.clone.https
* `echo "OPENEDX_RELEASE=olive.master" >> ` ``
* make dev.pull.large-and-slow
* git checkout open-release/olive.master
* make dev.checkout
* make dev.provision

@Himanshu_Mandaliya We use these steps to install devstack in OpenedX. You can see here my devstck version is olive I check this branch from the master so you can check your version from git branch command and that will be your current version. Please remember the devstack steps you followed and check how you install devstack.

Follow this document for more information.You can ask your question here but before asking please search here to see if someone has answered it.

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