Disable course wiki and discussion

Is there a way to disable the course wiki and discussion features and remove these links from the navbar (highlighted in the screenshot below) completely?

Ok so i just worked out how to disable the wiki:
In lms.env.json and csm.env.json change
“WIKI_ENABLED”: false,

I still don’t know how to disable discussion so please do share if you know

Digging further -I found this

I think this file is where I can disable the discussion tab - but I am not sure where .

I have another lead which is to amend the policy.json which is associated for each course (Course_folder/policies/)

Ok I just worked it out and the answer was very obvious.

Both are enabled and disabled via the lms.env.json
So for Discussion set the following feature flags accordingly

For the wiki

Set the following accordingly
“WIKI_ENABLED”: false,

You should note that the wiki command above is not a feature flag and this command should be placed outside of the “FEATURES” group of settings.