Discourse replacing email announcements: opinions?

Our plan for this forum is to use it instead of the existing mailing lists. We’ll be closing those lists soon. This forum is a better venue for discussion, for a number of reasons (editing, categorizing, reacting, etc).

One thing we’ve used the mailing lists for is announcements, like security fixes, releases, deprecations, events, and so on. We’ll also be doing those here, in the Announcements category. That includes anything that would have gone to the openedx-announce mailing list.

Anyone think this isn’t a good idea? Or, what do we need to do to make sure it’s a good idea? :slight_smile: We have instructions about how to get email notifications for Announcements, so people should be able to still get pushed notifications when things are announced.

What have we overlooked?

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We have instructions to get email notifications.

We have Announcements category here.

So all that was there in google groups is here plus something more.

So this is good.

Besides announcements done here will also be done in Slack announcement channels (I am presuming here). So more or less everyone will be notified.

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Yes, I expect there will also be Slack mentions, though not all our processes will include that as a required step.

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