Beta/invited users - your feedback is needed

Hi beta users / invitees:

Thank you for responding to your invite to participate in this closed beta (for now). Here’s what we’d like to do until we officially launch in August:

  • make sure that the categories we have are sufficient as far as topics go. Feel free to suggest others in your replies below
  • want to be a moderator? Feel free to ask. For now, we’ll evaluate based on your history of Open edX communication and collaboration.
  • test out the process for creating new topics, replying to topics, “liking” posts and replies, and such.

Please use the “Site Feedback” category to add your comments about the site.


Wow the user tutorial is nice! Try it yourself, it’s your only new message if you just joined this discuss.


Glad to see this discussion forum created!

Will it replace once it’s opened up?

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Hi Jill! Great to see you here.

That depends on what you guys would like to do with it. I would welcome the content and can help you migrate, but it depends on what y’all want to do.

I think we need this categories:

  • Theming
  • Mobile

Both are most active channel in slack

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great point. We’ll have to think about an umbrella category - frontend?

I just turned on mailing list mode - now somebody post a topic so I can make sure it works :slight_smile:

This is me testing the reply

Happy to report that mailing list mode works.

Hi John, I am interested in being a moderator.

I think @ariestiyansyah had a good point in that looking at the most active channels/topics in Slack is a great way to identify what needs a topic on Discourse

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Nice one, frontend should be a good main category

is there a mobile app or mobile web version… for beta testing ??

You can download DiscourseHub in App store or Play store to access it from mobile and enter the website url, you can also access this site using mobile browser.


Yes - the mobile web UX is actually pretty good, I’ve found.

I don’t know if there’s an actual app… would be interesting to try it out.

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