Discovery Api and Open api


I ran devstack Open edX ( locally then checked the discovery API (http://localhost:18381/api-docs/) which provided the list of available APIs.

In the open API of edX (, there is a list of APIs which I would require like bookmarks, certificates. which are not available under the discovery API.

Could anyone guide me on how to access all the endpoints as listed in open APIs(, in devstack discovery API (http://localhost:18381/api-docs/) .

Hello and welcome to the community, is the address of’s LMS; not their discovery service.
Try this one instead: http://localhost:18000/api-docs/
Of course you must have the latest version of edX platform because this feature is under development yet.

thanks for the information.

The URL (http://localhost:18000/api-docs/) provided was what I was looking for.

I recently pulled the latest devstack code and checked the link (http://localhost:18000/api-docs/)
now it is showing error as failed to load API definition

Better to create a new post I think. Also provide more information about your new devstack version and clues you can find under LMS logs.

sure will do as stated.