Open edX api-docs in LMS


I recently cloned the latest (1ed164531f7c108496d3baf7baec1946de3cd24b) devstack ( commit.

Checked the link (http://localhost:18000/api-docs/)now it is showing error as failed to load API definition


However, then i checked out previous commit (48fb8511ad8553add70e38a6567dfae03db726f8) to check the URL -http://localhost:18000/api-docs/
Here I’m able to get the list of APIs available.

Is this availability being removed going forward?

Hi @camel11,
We saw an issue with the LMS api-docs on Tuesday morning EDT that was resolved on Tuesday afternoon EDT. The commit that caused the issue was merged Monday morning EDT. You might just have an image of the LMS from the interim time period when it was broken. Pulling a new LMS image should resolve it I would think.
Let us know if this helps!

Hi @Dillon_Dumesnil
Thanks, pulling the latest lms image solved the issue.