Displaying Programs on the LMS

After enabling and logging in to Discovery Service(http://example.org:18381/admin/), I have created a Program Type and a Program in my Production Juniper Installation. I want to display those programs in my LMS(http://example.org/PROGRAMS-URL) to all users.

Based on my understanding so far, to display them on LMS I will have to create Program Offers and connect them to ecommerce. I am looking for some guidance/help regarding it but I am not able to find good documentation/blog-article to help me with this.

So, I have some doubts which I hope will be get cleared here. Since they are closely related, I am asking them in the same thread.

  1. Is it mandatory to create Program Offers to display Programs at LMS?

  2. I tried following the steps mentioned here but there are too many and it’s hard to identify which are mandatory in my case and which are not. I am getting somewhat lost in the docs. Do I need to follow all of them even if supervisorctl status says eCommerce is running? I guess I need to skip a lot of steps there but not which ones.

  1. Is there any resource(official/non-official) with straightforward steps which can help in this case?

Any suggestions/resources will be much appreciated. Thank you.

Screenshots of what has been done in Discovery Service Admin.

Same question with @Sandesh_Yadav

Thank you very much anyone can help us to show program on LMS.

We are in the same trouble. Did you find a way to display programs on the LMS?