Division of labor between edX and the community?

(This is one of the three questions from edX Marketing that I mentioned on List of proposed marketing activities)

What key resources would you, as the Open edX community, want to drive creation of and what key resources would you look to edX marketing to provide? That is, how do we divide the labor?

NOTE: edX is not making any promises yet about what it can provide, but the answers will be illuminating.

A few ideas:

Community members should be able to help improve the Open edX website. Adding case studies is the first item that comes to my mind.

Maybe have community brainstorming sessions/documents/thread about how to improve the website?

Community members could also collaborate with Open edX on blog posts to increase online and social media presence.

An Open edX white paper would be a useful tool to have. I’m thinking of something that correctly describes the product, explaining what it does and doesn’t do well (in which case contributions can be made).

It would be also useful to know how the edX organization want to market Open edX - what has the strategy been up until now, and what’s coming for the future?

I’ll try to post more ideas as this discussion evolves.

+1! We had talked about having a public repo for the site, to which we could all submit PRs - like for the rest of the open source project repos. I’m not sure if that was ever done - on a quick look I couldn’t find the repo in the github edx org?

No, there is no repo. The current openedx.org site is a Wordpress site.

Mentioned as a supplement to gabriel’s points our suggestions are

  • to define the USP of Open edX

  • to define the characteristics and the boundaries to other systems with pros and cons

  • features list

  • define how to build trust in the product and in the community to convince customers to choose the software (easy installation, demo, facts, numbers, case studies, roadmaps etc)

Working closely is important: contributors and edX should work together on these core definitions.

But the WP theme could be put in a git repo, right? That’s the approach we use for opencraft.com, for example.

Oh, sorry, yes, the wordpress theme is in a private repo at the moment while we try to get a handle on it. But the content is not in GitHub.