Does anyone ever run unit tests manually on the master branch?

Currently, running tests on the master branch results in 3k+ warnings, which makes it really difficult to troubleshoot failing tests.

For instance, I just added a failing test to openedx/core/djangoapps/theming/tests/

$ pytest openedx/core/djangoapps/theming/tests/ | wc -l

I find it hard to believe that I’m the only one facing this problem. How do others resolve this?

Looks like these are almost entirely all RemovedInDjango40Warning, which we haven’t had a chance to work through since the 3.2 upgrade. @kmccormick found that in the meantime you can hide them by editing setup.cfg (might be a different file in other repos) under the [tool:pytest] block and appending to filterwarnings:


See also test: suppress Django deprecation warnings during tests by nedbat · Pull Request #29528 · edx/edx-platform · GitHub, a PR which implements this. Apparently there were a couple of other places to copy those lines.

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Thank you for sharing it.