Doing Q & A in Discourse?

I’m new to Discourse, and it’s a bit overwhelming :slight_smile:

It seems like there’s some support for questions with voting and accepting answers. Does anyone have experience with those features, and can guide us in using them here? Should we have separate categories for questions and discussions, to keep them separate?

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I think that’s a great feature - and is something I can look into.

When I’ve admin’d other discourse sites, I don’t recall it being difficult to set up or maintain, but I’ll double-check.


after a quick check I found the “solved” plugin, which is included. You can mark a reply as “solved”

There are plugins to do upvotes on a reply, a la other Q&A sites, but it’s unclear how we’d install a custom plugin here -

Between the “solved” box and “liking” there should be a reasonable way to tally responses

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After playing around a while I found a way to make users vote with a native applet in discourse :

  • This is what I was looking for
  • Actually no, I was thinking about another feature

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Is the “liking” the same as the heart button?


Yes, “Heart” is “like”.

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