Downloading all images in a course

Hi there,

Is there any way to download all pictures in a course? We have 20 courses in our open edx platform and i want to save all pictures. There is a Files&Uploads tab in the courses but there is no download all images button or something like that? Do you have any idea about it? I’d appreciate it if i can find an easy way to do it.

I don’t think there is such a feature on my UI level. What I can say is, this task may be is more effecient to be done at sys level.
For example if in your settings you save Files and Uplodas at spesfic directory, sys admin would be able to pull all images files in just few commands.

Edit: I don’t think files and uplodas could be stroed in a directory. However if you export all courses (sys level command). You would be able to get all images of all courses along with other files if exists.

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Hi @ghassan thanks for your answer. :slight_smile: When i export a course, there is a static file in the exported … file. I can get all images in the course from there. Thanks again for your help.