edX Mobile App Navigation Revamp 🚀

Hello openedX community!

The edX mobile app team is thrilled to announce a significant update that will enhance app navigation and improve user experiences. Alongside this exciting feature launch, we will also be deprecating certain code and functionalities to maintain a lean and efficient codebase.

:rocket:Feature Launch: App Navigation Redesign

  • What is it: A complete redesign of the key navigation elements of the edX mobile app
  • Why it matters: We believe that a redesigned app navigation will not only help users find the content and features they are looking for quickly, but also help with scalability of the app.

A glimpse into the upcoming changes:

New Bottom Navigation & Course/Program Switcher:

New Course Dashboard Navigation:

New Course Content Navigation:

:sparkles:Code improvements: Incase of Android, we’ve increased the adoption of MVVM architecture using Kotlin for all the App Navigation Redesign related work.

The current code on the master branches on each app’s repo is being deprecated and replaced with the one in the app_nav branch which brings a major overhaul to the UI/UX of the app.

:spiral_calendar:Expected Feature Launch Date:

  • iOS: 25, September 2023
  • Android: 28, September 2023

iOS release is live on the App Store!! (Launch date: 25, September 2023).

Hi @Moiz_Alam, I’m a little confused, I’m using Palm.2, should I use open-release/palm.2 or release/5.0.0?
Should I always use release/… or open-release/… for the newest version?

hello @Anh_Vu_Nguy_n

for the mobile apps you’ll have to use the latest release on both the repos i.e:

  1. Android: rc/5.0.2
  2. iOS: rc/5.0.0

more info on the Release page for both repos:

  1. Release Release 5.0.2 · openedx/edx-app-android · GitHub
  2. Release iOS 5.0.0 · openedx/edx-app-ios · GitHub

Thank you!