Enable retries / attempts on exams

Good Afternoon and Happy New Year Open EDX admins.

My EDX background:
I am an Open EDX novice. I have been learning the platform last couple of months in 2019 and have stood up Open EDX locally, with Bitnami images, and using the Tutor bootstrapping system to run Open EDX. We currently have our production instance running in Google Cloud. I am familiar with many of the core components of Open EDX but still new to all the features and possible configurations available.

My Question:
Is it possible to set an assignment / unit / exam in an EDX course to have unlimited attempts? I have created exams in my courses. They use content libraries to randomly select questions for the student. I don’t want the students to retry each problem indivdually. Instead, I want them to have the ability to repeat the entire assignment after they get their grade.

Is anyone familar with a configuration approach that could be used to accomplish this?

Welcome Stephen!

RE: your question about multiple attempts at exams. Unfortunately, you can only set attempts at the problem level, not the assignment level.

One way around this is to use the prerequisites tool with a 1-question quiz that lets the learner unlock additional attempts. Do this by creating multiple versions of the exam connected to your content libraries.

Setup looks like this: Exam 1, Q to unlock 2nd attempt, Exam 2, Q to unlock 3rd attempt, and so on.

If a learner fails the exam, they need to choose to unlock the next attempt and then take it when they are ready.

This might be a band aid that could be used. Do you know how this would impact the ability to mark a course as pass/fail for certificate generation?

Essentially I am using EDX to host certification curriculum. So once the student gets a passing grade on the exam I want to mark the course as completed and give them a certificate.