Enable STRIPE Payment Processor

Hi everyone:

I´m trying to enable Stripe as my main payment method. I have:

  1. Edited my ecommerce.yml as follows to add Stripe:
            access_key: SET-ME-PLEASE
            apple_pay_country_code: US
            apple_pay_merchant_id_certificate_path: /edx/etc/ssl/apple_pay_merchant.pem
            apple_pay_merchant_id_domain_association: 'This value should also be in
                private configuration. It, too, will span multiple lines too'
            apple_pay_merchant_identifier: merchant.com.example
            cancel_page_url: /checkout/cancel-checkout/
            merchant_id: SET-ME-PLEASE
            payment_page_url: https://testsecureacceptance.cybersource.com/pay
            profile_id: SET-ME-PLEASE
            receipt_page_url: /checkout/receipt/
            secret_key: SET-ME-PLEASE
            send_level_2_3_details: true
            soap_api_url: https://ics2wstest.ic3.com/commerce/1.x/transactionProcessor/CyberSourceTransaction_1.140.$
            sop_access_key: SET-ME-PLEASE
            sop_payment_page_url: https://testsecureacceptance.cybersource.com/silent/pay
            sop_profile_id: SET-ME-PLEASE
            sop_secret_key: SET-ME-PLEASE
            transaction_key: SET-ME-PLEASE
            cancel_url: /checkout/cancel-checkout/
            client_id: SET-ME-PLEASE
            client_secret: SET-ME-PLEASE
            error_url: /checkout/error/
            mode: sandbox
            receipt_url: /checkout/receipt/
            publishable_key: pk_test_XXXXXXX
            secret_key: sk_test_XXXXX
            country: xx
  1. I have created a SiteConfiguration object in :18130/admin in wich i have included the stripe payment processor in “Payment processors:” field and my site partner (wich has the “Edx” shortcode name)

  2. Edited the “Client-side payment processor:” field and set “stripe” as its value.

  3. I think i´m missing this step, but i dont have an idea where or how to do it:

  1. I have seem some variables like_CC_PROCESSOR in my lms.yml file but i dont really know if thats the place to include my Stripe variables because the documentation does not include any reference to them:

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Any help or guidance will be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi, may I know if you are able to implement this