How to config Stripe Payment in Palm?

I’m testing this in tutor v16.0.0.

Does Stripe payment work in Palm?
I tried to follow the config in this docs
I got this error:

stripe.error.InvalidRequestError: Request req_... : Received unknown parameter: secret_key_confirmation

I think secret_key_confirmation is used in this file.

stripe_response = stripe.PaymentIntent.create(
    # This means this payment intent can only be confirmed with secret key (as in, from ecommerce)
    # don't create a new intent for the same basket

According to the docs:

The E-Commerce Service uses Stripe Custom Actions to send payments through a backend before payment. Ask your Stripe representative to enable this feature on your account. For more information, see frontend-app-payment ADR-5.

I think I need to enable Stripe Custom Actions to make it work, do I actually have to ask a Stripe representative to do it for me or can I do it myself (and how)?

@Anh_Vu_Nguy_n I’m in the same boat. I also tried Palm release installation everything is working smoothly except the Stripe payment gateway.

I’m also having exact same issue

unknown parameter: secret_key_confirmation

Apparently, I didn’t find any resource from Stripe Custom Action. Did you able to enable the same from Stripe?

I would appreciate any assistance you can provide.


@amit you have to ask Stipe support to enable Stripe Custom Action for your Stripe account.
Also, you have to config frontend env correctly because the project does not support runtime configuration, all Stripe_* variables must be configured.
Though, I could get it to work in the end, some other errors happened after so I decided to use Cybersource and wait for the new ecommerce project.

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