Experience using CodeGrade or code grading tools?

Hello all!
We are creating content in our local instance of Open edX aimed to new hires that need to do some coding exercises during their onboarding period.

We have tried CodeBoard that complies with some of our requirements and now we are analyzing CodeGrade.

Does anyone here have experience to share on integrating code grading tools with open edX?



Hi @Lucila_Mortara I’ve built courses with both. I agree with what seems to be your assessment. Codeboard is simple to use, but quickly limiting in terms of what it can do (what libraries it uses are old and not many are included ). Codegrade is super robust but at a financial cost and higher complexity.
You should look into Mohamed Elhayany’s work with OpenJupyter and CodeOcean too:

In fact, if you are available in 1 hour at 1pm est I think he is presenting at the Educators working group session

I’ll find the link to post …


I believe this is the link to the agenda with registration


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Thank you very much for your feedback John! Jumping into the meeting right now!