Component to test php

Dear collegues,
what is the best way to create a component to put a php code exercice to studens?
Thank you very much,
Miguel Lozano

Hi, Miguel! Welcome to the forums.

EdX doesn’t have a built-in code-grading exercise, so you’ll need to write your own code grader (not easy) or use an outside service (like Vocareum or Codio) that provides an LTI option. You might also want to look into how CS50 does things.

However, there are workarounds for some specific cases. If you want to teach students how to troubleshoot and edit php code, that’s a bit easier than teaching them to write php from the beginning. For example, if you only need to grade the output of your students’ code, you can do that with numerical or even multiple-choice questions. If you want them to find and fix a bug, or put lines of code in order, you can do those with drag-and-drop problems.

Dear Colin,

thank you for your response. I’m going to explore your suggests.

Thanks a lot,

Miguel Lozano