Explicitly indicate when "tutor config --set=SOMETHING" actually change anything

Hello. I’m writing ansible role to deploy & manage openedx instance with tutor. One of the steps runs tutor config save --set KEY=VALUE to overwrite some configuration options with production ones. The this is ansible-list it not quite happy with that because it’s not possible to tell if any file was created/modified/removed.

I propose to add some text in stdout or exit with specific exit code when “tutor config save --set” actually updates config.yml, so ansible tasks could detect that.

I can prepare a PR on GitHub if it looks good to you.

Hi @ishestakov! tutor config save actually does two different things:

  • Update config.yml.
  • Update the tutor environment (env/) based on those configuratio variables.

If I understand correctly, you want to skip some steps based on the previous value of KEY, right? Then you should check the output and status code of tutor config printvalue KEY.