Extra video subtitle transcripts are retained in a class (as evidenced upon course export)

Hello, I have sort of a weird question.

I have lots of videos in my class (>50), and subtitle synchronization is a true PITA. If I do a find-and-replace to fix a common mistake in subtitles and that changes 20 files, then I need to go upload them all again, which is a lot of clicks and time to get done.

So I created a script to take an exported class, find out which auto-GUID-named files in course/static/*-en.srt match my reference-good subtitles, and then copy the good files over the old files.

The trick though, and why this requires a script, is that apparently if I don’t change the GUID for a file, the Import functionality will not update the file at import time, even if the file itself has changed! (This is apparently a known issue).

So I got the script working, and I can bulk-synchronize subtitle changes… but my strategy of just naming files with a suffix like _1, and then updating it everywhere to _2 on every import, turns out to apparently keep all the _1 files around on the server? That is, if I export the class again, after I’ve updated a version that has only _2 files in the courses/static folder, the downloaded class will have both _1 and _2 files.

So I can see this becoming a problem over time as more and more files accumulate in my class.

Question 1: Does anyone know why all these subtitle files get left around on the server-copy, even if they’re not used and not referenced anywhere?

Question 2: Is it a known issue that’s tracked anywhere that just uploading an updated subtitle over top of itself doesn’t work? If that was fixed, then no one would need scripts to bulk synchronize subtitle updates. (As people seemed to be trying to do on the previous thread I cited.)

Thank you for your attention.