Failed to run tutor local launch on Ubuntu 22.04

I’m trying to install edx on my own Laptop with Ubuntu 22.04, but after running tutor local launch, it returns MySQLdb.OperationalError: (2013, ‘Lost connection to MySQL server during query’)

How can I solved it?

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[Update] After running tutor launch again, it returns with different errors. WHYYYYYYYYYYY?

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Hello @S1mpleOW ,

I managed to tutor local launch in WSL2 installed Ubuntu-22.04. So may I ask did you
[1] follow installation Installing Tutor — Tutor documentation
[2] Enough permission for yr account and docker group add user
[3] Perhaps, you may take a look of this

By the way, I am also new to Openedx world. Hope you can find the way.

What is printed in mysql logs before and after the error (tutor local logs mysql)? What steps did you follow that led to this error? This seems like a timeout or packet size error, though I am uncertain at this point.


@Syed_Muhammad_Dawoud try to increase the RAM and CPU size as Installing Tutor — Tutor documentation. I also face the same issue but resolved by increasing RAM and CPU