Need help for tutor setup

I want to install tutor local in my system.
I have a windows system so I installed ubuntu 22.04, WSL2, and docker but when I ran “tutor local launch” I’m getting this error for both local and dev.

My system specs
windows 11
521 SSD
ubuntu version 22.04
docker version 20.10.21
docker-compose v2.13.0
tutor version 15.0.0

Can anyone tell me what wrong I’m doing?

Please help with this.

Hi @Vikas_Maharana

I’m just sharing some links to Tutor documentation in case they are of help:

Another great way to connect is via Tutor’s YouTube live streams from time to time:

I followed the tutor docs but the issue is not resolved.
Can’t find it on google also.

Oh sorry to hear that. You could also try to reach out to more technical people on Slack: