Figures with Open edX Ginkgo Found incompatible module

Hi all,

I have been trying to install and configure Figures on my Open Edx Ginkgo version but it is not working for me due to the “Found incompatible module” error. I have attached the error log. Please Help.
Figures errror

Hi, all again,

I have managed to pass the node module incompatible error but now I have encountered the fields.E304. I have attached a screenshot. This error appears when I run

./ lms migrate figures --settings=aws

Any help please :pray:

Any ideas on this, please?

Hi All,

Any ideas to fix this issue?

Hey @Mickiyas_Ephrem,

I’ve never actually used Figures, but just a look at the project gets my grizzled developer instincts saying: did you try the latest release of Figures on the latest supported release of Open edX (which seems to be Juniper)? You might have better luck - or at least, there’s a better chance that more people will be able to help you on a more recent version.

Also, there’s a Tutor plugin that helps install Figures (on Tutor installations, of course) up until Juniper. You may want to look into it. Just make sure to read the “maintenance mode” announcement at the top of the page.

(@regis, this is your cue to plug Tutor’s new analytics thing. :wink:)

Thanks Adolfo :relaxed:

Hi y’all! There’s a new analytics solution for Open edX: it’s called Cairn and it ROCKS!

(“rocks”, get it?)

I even made a video about it!

It’s quite possible that the plugin works with Gingko but I’m not sure, I would have to try.

@arbrandes Thanks for the response.
I have been working to upgrade from Ginkgo to the latest release but installing the Hawthorn release is not working. Is it possible to upgrade from Ginkgo to the Ironwood or Juniper release?

@regis @arbrandes Is it possible to migrate from Ginkgo native installation to tutor?
And finally, @regis is Carin compatible with the native installation?

It is certainly possible, but as you’ve seen yourself, not easy. I can’t offer specific advice, though, as I haven’t had to do this myself.

As for moving from native to Tutor… That is a topic that will be dealt with and properly documented by Maple; but only for migrating from native Lilac to Tutor Maple. I know this is scant comfort, but it’s the best I can offer.

Not out of the box, no. I would need to create a dedicated installation script for that; since the native installation will reach end-of-life in six months, I don’t think I will take the time to port Cairn to the native installation without dedicated funding.

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