How to install "Figures" appsembler

I followed this instruction to install figures on Edx Hawthorn

when i restart the LMS there is an error like this

where should I set webpack_loader? I did update_assets but webpack-stats.json was not found

Hi @taufanbudiman
Have you got any solution for this?

I have the same issue, I am using the 0.3.9 build of figures.

Not yet, I’m still confused about generating webpacks

Hi @anjali
I tried installing with branch build-0.3.9, it worked but the UI was not good. try to install, is it the same as my UI?

@taufanbudiman I am getting the error in branch build-0.3.9

Still I will take a latest pull and try once.

Hi @anjali,
how do you install the application?
I installed using pip install

Check branch build-0.3.9. In the folder figures you find webpack-stats.js