Filters and Enabling course discovery

Hi everyone,
I am using the tutor version 12.0.0 and I am trying to show filters of the refine search. To do this I tried by adding a plugin in ~/.local/share/tutor-plugins called custom_enable_filters.yml in which i wrote this:
name: enable_course_filters
version: 0.1.0
common-env-features: |
“COURSE_DISCOVERY_FILTERS”: [ “org”, “language”, “modes” ] ,
“org”: {
“name”: “Organization”
“modes”: {
“name”: “Course Type”,
“terms”: { “honor”: “Honor”,“verified”: “Verified” }
“language”: “en”
I enable the plugin with: tutor plugins enable custom_enable_filters.yml
Then I save with: tutor config save
And last: tutor local quickstart

But still the filters does not show in my webpage. I even try to add just a word in the section html just to find out if the html works, located in ~/.local/share/tutor/env/build/openedx/themes/ssp202106/lms/templates/courseware/courses.html and still does not show in the webpage.

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