Fixing the cybersource issue in the Lilac release of Ecommerce

I am currently taking a stab at fixing the cybersource integration in the Lilac (and potentially Maple?) release of Ecommerce. However, I am limited by my own understanding of Ecommerce and how to set up commercial courses. For instance, I am currently unable to register to a paying course because I have no idea how to bypass (or to setup?) user verification. Is user verification mandatory in all cases? Do I have to create a new course mode if I want to bypass user verification?


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Caveats: I don’t know much about ID Verification nor installation/configuration outside devstack and

Ecommerce does not require ID Verification to purchase an upgrade, at least in devstack and; that will be required to issue a verified certificate by the end of the course, but ecommerce does not require it to make the purchase as far as I know. Am I misunderstanding your question?

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Sorry about the late reply; it took me some time to setup a Maple server with Ecommerce enabled. I can confirm that the LMS does require identity verification to purchase an upgrade.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the “upgrade” link points to http://mfehost/account/id-verification?course_id=

When I click this upgrade link, I am forwarded to the account MFE, which briefly displays the identify verification form before showing this:

Thus, identity verification is effectively preventing me from testing the ecommerce functionality. I did attempt to enable the AUTOMATIC_VERIFY_STUDENT_IDENTITY_FOR_TESTING feature flag, as suggested by @Zia_Fazal in this Slack thread, but it not change anything.

I’m kind of stuck because of this issue for now…

@regis you can bypass this verification step by manually approving identity of your account to test ecommerce.
Go to django admin admin/verify_student/manualverification/add/ for manual approval. Select status to approved and select the user who should be approved and set Expiration date to future date.

@regis I think what you’re showing is happening in the LMS or otherwise before the upgrade goes to ecommerce; again, I don’t know much about IDV, but I will try to find an IDV expert to help with this.

Thanks for your suggestion @Zia_Fazal! You made me go through the initial error message, and now I get the following one: “You have already submitted your verification information. You will see a message on your dashboard when the verification process is complete (usually within 5 days).”

At this point, I have reached out to edX for help and Ben Holt (is that you @bjh?) responded positively.

is that you @bjh?

Yup, that’s me, I’ve updated my profile both here and on Slack to make this clearer, and I look forward to talking with you.

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Hey Régis!

I think you may be running into this part of the code:

In other words, I believe for your setup:

Could you check whether this is the case for your instance?

Hope this helps.