Stripe Ecommerce not working | issue with Payments MFE

i tried to setup new lilac release using tutor and have setup the ecommerce module for Stripe as well by following all these steps Stripe configuration for Tutor, Juniper Open edX release - #4 by Juan_M_Mendez

but the payment screen is still not working and seems like the Card details section is just loading. Can anyone please guide me on what could be the issue??

For the sake of completion, I will repeat what I answered you in Slack.

The new Payment MFE only supports Cybersource and Paypal according to GitHub - edx/frontend-app-payment at open-release/lilac.master

My payment processor, Paysafe, isn’t currently supported by the new Payment MFE.

I am currently running a test Native installation of Lilac and I was able to test it with a test Paypal account.

Unfortunately, I am still unable to have it work with a test Cybersource account. I have the same problem with the Billing Information loading and not being able to input anything. I don’t see any problems in the logs. It could be a problem with the Flex Microform API being used by the Payment MFE but I can’t confirm it.

any solution found so far? i am using tutor based lilac version and facing same information, after configuring stripe everything starts well, except the billing information input is greyed out and cant proceed further @sambapete @maninder_bawa

I haven’t found a solution yet. Unless you have developed a new connector for Stripe, only Cybersource and PayPal are configured for the Payment MFE.

I know some people from OpenCraft are looking at possibly making the old ecommerce flow to be available in time for lilac.3 in early October. @arbrandes may have more details. @BbrSofiane from the Build Test Release Working Group may also have some details. I also suggest you mention your problem on the Tutor Discourse site so that @regis and other Tutor maintainers are aware of the issue.

@sambapete thanks i will put this up on tutor forums as well

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