Free trial course

Hello, there is a payment on our instance(lilac). However, we would like to give students the opportunity to get acquainted with a paid course (let’s say 2 modules for free), and in order to continue studying, you need to pay.

Open edX has an audit mode and then the student can buy the certificate if they want. But this does not suit us.

How can this be done? And is it possible? (important to note we want minimal intervention in the Open edX code)

Would the Public Content Feature be the solution you are looking for? I believe it has been available since Ironwood.

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Thank you for the idea.
However, there are limitations here, as I understand it, if a student passes several blocks, and then buys a course. Then his progress will not be saved. This may be critical for us.

I will coordinate this with the team. And I’ll post the result here.

Hi @Tologon_Omurzakov

We have similar requirements. Like in any course some modules will be freely available and for some modules, users need to pay.

Did you get any solution?