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Ii am new to OpenEdex and joined the forum to learn from your posting and find all the answers to my questions in here. My very first question in regarding payment methods. Do you guys know if Openedex supports multiple payment options? Also, is there an ability to archive courses or content in general or no?

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Open edX can support payments issued through CyberSource, Paypal and Stripe. Integrations with other payment processors can also be developed if needed. You can find the full doc on ecommerce here.

What exactly do you mean by archiving courses or content?

Hi @gabrieldamours- Thank you for your reply on my post. Regarding the archive courses content question, i was just wondering if Opendex enable users to archive created classes or sections or the classes. Also, i was looking for an ability to post promotions or coupons, does it allow for such thing?

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Course: you can “archive” a course by closing it (modifying the “end date” in Studio-> Settings -> Schedule & Details ). Learners who were enrolled in the course will still be able to access it from their dashboard, though.

Section: You can delete sections in a course, but not “archive” them per se. As a backup/archive, you can download any course and keep the file somewhere for future use or reference.

You can’t delete courses from Open edX (at least not without technical knowledge). What most users do is just hide the course from the catalog (Studio -> Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Course Visibility In Catalog).

Yes, if you read the documentation I provided and search for the word “coupon” you will find this section about coupons. I hope this helps!

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@gabrieldamours This is actually perfect. The documentation includes the details. Thanks so much for your help on this. :smiley: