Getting logged out due to incongruent stage on the database after achieving a badge

Hey everyone.

I am using badgr-server to issue badges to users.

I have course completion badges, course events badges… the whole shebang.

I used Mercedes’s fix at to get things to work.

All of this sounds lovely until I saw that users get logged out after obtaining a badge whenever they access their profile.

This means users can’t:
-Change:heir bio, their profile picture… they get a permission error.
-Travel through their profile on their way to another secion after obtaining a badge as they get logged out

Somehow breaking the profile functionality altogether to achieve badges is not an OK situation according to my company /s

Mercedes is currently no longer working at the company that she developed that fix for and has moved on from edx.

Anyone has a clue on what might fix this situation?

We can’t do badgr-io as that requires a badgr-api-token that is no longer being provided by badgr.

The situation gets temporarely fixed when I switch from a full profile to a limited profile and then back to the full profile after relogging in. It breaks again when I earn a new badge.

Is there any way of finding out what code is being called when this happens so that I may execute it when users are earning badges?

Still at it.

Co-workers are trying to help me look into it.

I managed to make the badgr-xblock from proversity work after making the required changes.

No clue why Im getting logged out when I access my profile but now I can see standard badges and activity based badges which is neat.