Help about proctoring

We are working with a Tutor-based installation and we tried to install Proctortrack as a proctoring tool in our platform, but we had an issue with the assets of the tool that are not being compiled. We also check that in the Tutor installation they don’t have it contemplated.

Do you know how we can do it to compile these assets separately?

Hi @matiasua

You may want to try the Tutor forum for questions relating to Tutor:

I have heard that in the future the Tutor forum will be merged with the Open edX forum, but as for now it is separate.

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@Dean This forum is moving to! - #3 by regis - Community - Overhang.IO

@matiasua Please take a look at the Dockerfile for Tutor for the asset creation scripts. tutor/Dockerfile at master · overhangio/tutor · GitHub

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Hi Tuluk, thanks for your reply.
We check the Dockerfile and we noticed that to collect static assets, it runs the commands individually with “openedx-assets” instead of using “paver update_assets”. The issue we have is that we don’t really identify the path or module where ProctorTrack assets can be compiled with this approach.