I am enthusiastic about Tutor & Open edX

Hi All,
I am new to Tutor and i have seen this community is very helpful i wanted contribute to this community in my capacity. Please let me know what i have to do for contribution into the community.



Welcome Parvin :wave: Great to hear you’re interested in contributing! What is your experience level with Tutor? Are there any particular ways you’re interested in contributing?

One way that anyone can help–regardless of experience–is by asking and answering questions here on the forums!

Interesting, I have an idea of a contribution if you want. It remains to be seen if it is worthy.

Tutor made the installation of edX much easier and provided a very useful plugin management tool. Thanks to the plugins, we can very easily play with the many flags that edX offers.
And that’s the thing, there are a lot of flags.

What could make life even easier would be an interface (Terminal, GUI or Web) that would make it easy to manage the different edX settings under Tutor.

The idea would be something like a plugin generator/manager.

Example of output :

disable_registration.yml :

name: disable_registration
version: 14.0.4
  common-env-features: |

In this way, let’s say a user wants to configure SMTP or add a YouTube API key, it will be possible to do so from the interface that will generate a Tutor plugin.
Also parameters like choosing the version of some dockers. For example, changing the version of the elasticsearch docker or other.

As for the content, we could imagine that the tool could easily update itself by retrieving the database from Github. This way, it would be possible to take advantage of the latest additions from the community without waiting.

What do you think about it? :slight_smile:


Hi @kmccormick ,
I am new to Tutor I can help in testing New features, Image Editing and Video Edit. I can create Tutorials, I Will reply in questions if they are in my capacity and or any other way community seems fit I will be available. I can give per day atleast 10 Hours to 12 Hours to this community.

Hi Abdess,
First of all I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity, I am not very experienced with tutor and Edx I am very New with these. I think if we add these type of things in Tutor it will make setting more complex. Instead we can do that is create a tutorials and benefits of each flags/Waffles/Switches use case scenario and how we can use these things in our production setting with simple enable which I wanted to enable.

I am ready for this but need some time to do this because I have not any exp with Tutor Dev Setup

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@Abdess Interesting idea!

@Parvin_Kumar Any amount of time you contribute is appreciated; thank you!

Hi @kmccormick , @Abdess

I can contribute around 10 Hours Daily

Can you both please share few documentation I am creating tutorials for whole community I have started with few basic tutorials and I wanted to create advanced tutorials

Please suggest me i am going on right path i have to make go ahead in creating tutorials for Edx

Hi @kmccormick ,
I wanted to create a detailed tutorial about to how to implement Tagstore in production and benefits of tagstore for this community can you please help me out with this Tagstore. I have not found any useful documentation also. Since you are pioneer member of this community and contributed to Tagstore can you please guide me.