Help deploying a custom learning mfe

We’re trying to use a custom learning micro front end application in production. But I’m not sure how to update the lms urls to point to the new learning mfe.

I made the following plugin, but we still seem to be using the original mfe:

  openedx-lms-common-settings: |

We can go to the new mfe url manually and see courses.

Any help would be appreciated!

Some additional information. We do use the tutor-mfe plugin, which does set LEARNING_MICROFRONTEND_URL:

tutormfe/patches/openedx-lms-development-settings:LEARNING_MICROFRONTEND_URL = "http://{{ MFE_HOST }}:{{ MFE_LEARNING_MFE_APP["port"] }}/{{ MFE_LEARNING_MFE_APP["name"] }}"

source: tutor-mfe/openedx-lms-production-settings at master · overhangio/tutor-mfe · GitHub

Is there a way to override this value?

I got it. We needed to disable the learning front end by: tutor config save --set MFE_LEARNING_MFE_APP=null

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