Help us improve the Open edX developer docs!

Good day everyone! We’re looking for your input on improving the Open edX developer documentation.

Your responses to this brief survey will help us greatly.

Responses received by next Tuesday evening will be given the most weight. So if you feel strongly about the developer documentation, please answer promptly.



Thanks! I’m happy to hear about this initiative.

I was a bit surprised that there were no questions about: where people look for documentation, where people expect to find documentation, API documentation in general, documentation format in general, nor how documentation should be maintained.

Personally what I would like to see (in the long term, not necessarily in the next six months) is a focus on systematic reference documentation. i.e. things like: every repository should have a README that clearly explains the “what” and the “why”; every API should have a description and a usage example; every setting and feature flag should have a description; every plugin/integration point should be documented with an example, and so on. Django is an example of a project that does this well.