Feedback Requested: Open edX Documentation Restructure

tl;dr; We want to change how we organize documentation for the Open edX Platform, read the proposal and give us feedback!

Hey Everyone,

Over the last month or two, some of us at tCRIL have been looking at the state of our documentation and seeing if we could come up with a strategy to help solve some of the documentation problems we think we’ve been having as a community.

In the discovery documentation, we talk about how we approached the work, what we learned and where we think we should go next to help make our documentation more approachable, and discoverable for readers while making it easier for writers to know where they should put their docs.

Before we get too deep into implementation, we wanted to ask the community for feedback so please take a look at the proposal and provide inline feedback or take this short survey.


Thanks for all the feedback on this so far! Note, we’ve made some good progress and are close to having the repo open for more contributions. What was previously a proposal above has been now documented as a decision in the new repo.

PR for the decision: docs: Document the purpose of this repo. by feanil · Pull Request #63 · openedx/ · GitHub

Feedback appreciated, it will probably land in the next few days.