Help with applying Kustomization to default configuration

Me and my team are trying to implement Kustomization to our tutor repo so that we don’t have to use bash scripts in order to apply certain patches. I found this information ( Kubernetes deployment — Tutor documentation ) and from my understanding putting kustomization.yml in env-custom should be enough to override default configuration. Unfortunately when doing tutor k8s start the default config gets applied. We also tried tutor k8s apply --kustomize path to custom kustomization yml but this also doesn’t work. Any help would be appreciated.

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I think that example was meant to be used with the kubectl directly instead of using Tutor as an interface. From what I can see tutor k8s apply will allways run kubectl apply --kustomize env.

Depending on your needs you may want to use a custom plugin that uses the strategic merge capabilities of kustomize. You can find more details in this PR: tutor#686.

Okay, that would make documentation somewhat confusing (at least for me) but Your solution sounds as good as kustomization. Thank You very much.

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