Hide Email Address

Does anybody know how can I restrict tutors or course admins to have access to students’ email addresses? Due to GDPR, I dont want teachers to have access to view students emails

For that you’d have to ensure they don’t have instructor dashboard access. You can give them discussion moderator/admin permissions without making them course staff, so that they can moderate discussions etc, but that does lock them out of all the learner management tools so it’s not a fantastic solution unless your admin team can handle all that for them on demand and redact sensitive messages

In the Juniper release notes there’s mention of splitting the data download permissions into a new role, which is definitely something you’d need to do if they kept access to the instructor dashboard, but that doesn’t hide the user’s email address everywhere. Viewing a learner’s progress page, for example, has their email address at the top, and it’s likely found in other places too.

I’m pretty sure to fully hide the email from the user you’re looking at either:

  1. Keeping the user’s permissions limited to a regular user with discussion moderator privileges.
  2. Modifying the platform to fit this use-case by removing their email address from wherever it’s displayed in the front-end

Thank you very much for your answer.

I will follow your suggestion