Hiding Archived Courses

Hello everyone, I am using tutor 15.3.6 local version and I have a problem with ended courses.
I created a course as an admin, and set starting time and ending time close to each other to test what happens if course ends, I did not set enrollment dates.
Then I created a new account and enrolled the course I just created, Then I waited for course to end, and I still had the ended course in /dashboard and /courses pages. I understand an enrolled student to still see the course at /dashboard page but it seemed wrong to still see it at /courses since the course is ended.
To test it again, I created another account and the ended course was still visible at /courses, and I was able to enroll it even the course is ended. I even set “Course Visibility In Catalog” to none but It did not work. Therefore my questions are:
What should I do to hide a course at /courses page after it ended? Can I do it automatically for all courses?
Do I have to set and enrollment date to prevent students to enroll after the course is ended?
What does Course Visibility In Catalog setting is actually doing?
Is there a way to hide the ended course from enrolled students even though it doesn’t sound logical?
Thanks in advance!

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