How can i change login domain

how can i change the domain for login page wwith tutor setup, i just change the domain for cms, lms ( ip address) so when i login or reg, the site redirect to apps.192.154.xx.xx so it not work

Hi @hi_u_nguy_n

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IP address don’t support subdomains. It’s not valid, as the IP address is not a domain, it can’t have a subdomain.

What you can do is point your domain to required IP and then it’ll work.

So it’ll be something like
Studio_URL = studio.YOUR_DOMAIN or if you want your can enter another entry here too

Note that studio and apps are subdomain over here.

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Is it mandatory to use app.domain. for auth page, in lms I put ip:, in cms I put, it works, I can put Login/ MFE URL: (subIP) k

yes, you must own an actual domain name. DNS resolves your Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) back to an IP address, you should not configure your server to use an IP address where there should be a domain name.

In summary, you’d want to have a:

It’s generally regarded as a bad move to use multiple IP addresses for each different subdomain unless you have some special requirements, but it sounds to me like you’re just wasting IPv4 address space. Only 1 single IP is required to operate a standard Tutor deployment

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Thank you both

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