Login, redirection and access courses have been broken


We are developing a Django app that connects with the API of an AWS Tutor instance. Without applying any change (as far as we know), the Tutor instance started to fail.

We opened an issue to Tutor, please, check this for the complete info: https://github.com/overhangio/tutor/issues/931

Bug description

We have the next issues:

  1. Users can login, but next message appears: https://github.com/overhangio/tutor/assets/150026798/3daa7ac9-654b-4e10-b3ab-9b7fd4d29734

The redirection is done to “apps.” domain, we think this is not correct.

In the lms container appears the next: https://github.com/overhangio/tutor/assets/150026798/84b9c775-18bd-4af5-a25f-949ec072d548

Even though, going to the main LMS or CMS pages, the login is done correctly (due to cookies token) and user can access those pages. But the redirection is not done correctly and final users cannot see these kind of errors.

  1. The detail page of a course is not accessible, same happens to the Account page of a user. For some reason, any URL includes the subdomain “apps.”. We think that before this error occurs, the domain was the original without any subdomain.

We tried to restart and reboot tutor but the problems persist.
We can share privately the URLs and credentials if tutor developers need them.

Ubuntu 22.04. Tutor 15.0.0 using AWS.