How do I relate video_ids with video names? Help with the MongoDB

Hello again guys!
I want to send notifications with the amount of complete views that the video has per day. What I have done so far, is to capture from the tracking.log file the are logs that contain the event_type: "video_complete".

A reduced example of each of these logs can be seen bellow:

{"name": "complete_video", "context": {"user_id": 28, "path": "/event", "course_id": "course-v1:mycompany-data+1+x", "org_id": "mycompany-data", "enterprise_uuid": ""}, "page": ""}

These captured logs contain a link to the video, in the field “page”. This URL seems to contain something similar to a video_id (please correct me if this is not actually a video_id). In the mentioned example this video_id would be d98bf902537d49e89afe14f6ea6FFFF.

How could I relate this video_id to the actual video display name? I have been informed that this information should be in the MongoDB. However, there is a lot of information inside this DB and I am not finding the MongoDB documents that are videos.
Can you give me a hint here? Maybe which keys to search for?