How Re score Learners Submission works in the openedx nutmeg tutor

hello everyone,

I just want to know that

what is the use of Rescore Learner’s Submission in the staff debug info?

I have other questions related to this

  1. if the user has 2 attempts then which grade is counting as 1 attempt or the second attempt.

  2. what is the use of Rescore Learner’s Submission and Rescore Only If Score Improves?

  3. in which cases, when we can use this feature.

  4. can I rescore learners’ assessments for multiple problems at once

and I got the below error when rescoring for a specific block how to resolve this and in which scenario this error will come

please guide me on the same.

Thanks in Advance :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Komal,
Here’s the most common way I think about it.

Imagine you have a large class of 1,000 students. They’ve all taken a quiz. You realize that your quiz has a mistake. For example, one of the questions forgot to include a correct answer, so everyone got a 0%.
You change the question to give it the correct right answer. BUT Open edX® LMS won’t automatically rescore that question unless a student actually goes back and submits the question again. Hence, this button allows the admin to say “Open edX please rescore this question for all learners”. “Rescore only if it improves” operates the same way but only saves the score for a student if it improves. This way, you avoid penalizing or confusing a student for your mistake.

As to the error you are facing, I saw “HTML” in the block ID, so the LMS thinks its an HTML block. Maybe you’ve got some sort of non-standard block you are trying to rescore. Rescoring does not work in all scenarios. I know it works for standard assessments (MCQ, Fill-in-Blank, etc), I’m not sure the complete list of where it works or not. But definitely not when it thinks it an HTML block.

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Thanks for your answer.