Multiple attempts for open response assessment after staff assessment

How can I have a student resubmit a response in ORA after an initial staff assessment?

Basically I want to do a staff assessment and then the student should be able to improve the previous submission and resubmit for another staff assessment.

Please advise how this can be achieved.

@Roline I’m not aware of a way to do this within one single ORA component. But what about breaking it up into two ORAs in two different units. FIrst unit is a First Draft with its own submission dates and deadline. Second unit is the Final Draft with separate submission dates and deadline. Would that work for this case?

@john_curricume Hi,
Thank you for your response. Though your answer seems like an option some cases it will not work for my use case. My students will be working at their own pace, which brings up another question about due dates in ORAs for students that work on their own pace. Nonetheless this feature to resubmit their response might not always be needed. It should be based upon teacher discretion. So I considered adding review steps. But then specific due dates are required that cannot be determined before a student starts the course.

I was just hoping there a multiple attempt option that I am missing.