How to change template files (.underscore) in dev or local environment?

I am using tutor version 17.0.0
I have managed to integrate themes and do immediate changes using watchthemes following this guide: Changing the appearance of Open edX β€” Tutor documentation

But when I try to change any of the .underscore files, the changes are not reflected. Why is that? I tried run paver update_assets lms --settings=devstack inside tutor_dev-lms-1 container, but again, no luck. Is there a way to change .underscore template files and see the changes immediately in the dev environment?

Sometimes caching is the culprit, try private/incognito window etc (although you might have already done that)

Also check by changing the files directly in platform and confirm if those files are overriding properly, if it takes the changes of the platform then it’s not overriding properly.

Another thing that might help is building tutor image without cache by tutor images build openedx --no-cache
maybe that could help

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