How to change the default theme to a single page theme written with React

I read the documents about openedx, and I know how to simply write topics,like this → Adding custom themes,But I don’t know how to replace the whole page with a theme page written by React. I hope you can help me. Thank you very much!

Hi @hijulien-gan. This may be related to what you’re looking for: GitHub - openedx/brand-openedx

That linked repository documents how to create a custom Paragon theme, which the React-based micro-frontends use in their UIs as the design system.

You may see the example of our @edx/brand package here as another example: GitHub - edx/

These brand packages are installed with an NPM alias of @edx/brand into the React micro-frontends. You may read more details about this approach in OEP-48.

That still doesn’t tell a lot. Where do you place for example dashboard code.? Do you change it to .jsx?.