How to config MFE from private gitlab

How can I create a plugins to add a MFE from a private gitlab repo?

Hi @ChaVietCode :slight_smile:

These instructions describe how to install requirements from private git repos:

Basically, it has you manually install the private plugin to your Tutor build, and then rebuild the docker image so it contains the plugin.

Does that help?

Thank you, I figured it out myself.

My MFE-plugin simple is:

import os

from dotenv import load_dotenv
from tutormfe.hooks import MFE_APPS

gitlab_username = os.getenv("GITLAB_USERNAME")
gitlab_password = os.getenv("GITLAB_PASSWORD")

def mfe_forks(mfes):
    mfes["authn"] = {
        "repository": f"https://{gitlab_username}:{gitlab_password}",
        "version": "main",
        "port": 1999,
        "name": "authn",
    return mfes
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