How to control user enrollment acceptance?

Hi! I’m wondering if it is possible to pre-select students who enroll to a course. I want to have anyone being capable of enrolling, but I will go through each course registration to decide who should be accepted and who should not. How can you do this?

I’m aware of the invitations and batch enrollment, but this does not help. Thanks in advance!

@RBF You mean that you would like anyone to be able to apply to a course, but then be able to moderate who actually get access to the course or not? Open edX doesn’t currently have this feature built-in, but some courses implement a similar workflow by using external tools - you can have a separate registration form, for example on Google Forms or SurveyMonkey, and ask users to provide the email they use in Open edX. Then you can review the applications there, and use the invitations / batch enrollement feature to enroll the users you select.

Exactly! I had that as one of the possible work arounds too.

Another could be to have an entrance exam working as one of those forms, but I’m not sure if it could be used then - it would depend on whether or not the exam is graded automatically or if you can have a decision afterwards.