Course invitation to 'Invite Only' course

I have made one of my course ‘Invite Only’ which disables the ‘Enroll’ option for learners for that course but what is the next step on how to invite students then? Sending normal invitation from Settings tab will still direct to same ‘About’ page where option is turned off and if I use Instructor dashboard that just not send invite but force enroll learner even after deselection of the option ‘Auto enroll’.

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The next step in that case is to manually enroll your learners from the instructor dashboard (Membership tab).
You are right about the fact that if they are already registered as learners, this is not really an invitation, they will be enrolled in the course.
For those not registered as learners it may feel a bit more as an invitation if you select the “auto enroll” as they will only be preenrolled and they will need to actively locate the course and enroll to it.
hope this helps


yes, you are correct. Thanks for your input @juancamilom