How to create a program in olive

I have been trying to create a program that will contain courses in olive release but I am not able to configure one.

The documentation says there is Course Metadata in /admin but I am not able to find one

Could someone please guide me how can we achieve this in olive release of openedx

Hi @Vinay_Kumar (and probably applicable to @Peggy_Pei-Chun_Hsieh 's question here too)

I can’t solve this for you but can provide a little more context. The “Course Metadata” section you are probably referring to is in the Discovery admin panel, which is a separate service from the LMS. See if you can follow the instructions here to install: GitHub - overhangio/tutor-discovery: Course Discovery plugin for Tutor
You’d end up going to somewhere like

That along with these instructions should get you to the point of being able to create a program.

Beyond that, if you want to customize or troubleshoot anything else, I can’t be much help as I haven’t worked much with programs. Hopefully there is someone else who sees this who has!

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