How to customize LMS tutor

Dear Open edX community,

I installed tutor with docker on a server running Ubuntu 20.04.

There is some easy way to customize the appearance of my LMS? I would like to add new logos, new texts, new images, change colors, customize the CSS of the login page, etc.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Hello @rax and welcome to the community!

To customize your LMS tutor you can use the following guide provided by tutor itself:

I hope this will help.


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Thank you!

Hi @rax!

For simple customizations, we have created the tutor-contrib-branding plugin, which allows you to change logos, colors and some more features both for HTML and MFE. Hope it helps!

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Thanks for the information!

This is amazing just something ive been looking for, just been trying to a get a nice background image on tutor has been difficult, constant rebuilds led me running out of space [is there a way to manage space when you are always running tutor build openedx i wonder

If you mean disk space, it may be because Docker will save every image you build in disk. You can try docker image prune to clean up disk space from time to time.

also! there is an error (i feel ) on the contrib-branding github guide, fonts also dont appear to be working trying to debut the issues but its a great starting point, been trying to get the roboto flex font working but im still stuck on font awesome

Fonts are always tricky, because different fonts usually have different file structure. Let me know the error you are getting and we can check

Yeah i managed to get it all working
it was in the readme on the github the command you have mentioned here is

tutor local settheme theme

right at the end
i belive this should be

tutor local do settheme theme

Also! i have a question
this command

tutor images build mfe

stalls my system

i rebooted my AWS instance after it stalled due to this command.
and i dont run it again

is this a risk to my system that it attempted a build but failed ?

Docker consumes lots of memory, cpu and storage. I usually run docker in a difference instance by setting DOCKER_HOST.

Yes, since version 15 Tutor added the “do” command.

i saw that, but with regards to my earlier question is my installation at any risk considering the MFE wont build ?, im limited to one instance for this build so unfortunately im limited but can i keep going with that failed build ? website seems to run ok

If the MFE image does not build, it’s likely that you will have problems. Probably the LMS is taking a previous version of the MFE, that’s why the website is still working. All images should build successfully. If you are limited to one instance, you may consider upgrading the memory and/or storage.